How to lock & Unlock Months in MultiLedger?

Locking and Unlocking Months MultiLedger has a feature that allows you to lock transactions through a specific month-end date, and unlock a month or range of months if changes are necessary. This feature can be password protected. For more information on setting up passwords, See “Setting Up Users and Passwords.” How to Lock a Month […]

How to Set, Modify & Delete Users & Passwords in MultiLedger?

Users and Passwords MultiLedger allows you to set up individual users with unique passwords, then assign the menu commands that each user should have access to. Setting Up Users and Passwords You can set up as many as 20 users and passwords in MultiLedger. Note: Although you can set up as many as 20 users, […]

How to use Multi-User MultiLedger?

Using Multi-User MultiLedger MultiLedger has built-in multi-user capabilities that allow up to 10 users to access your company’s accounting data over a network simultaneously. This means that one or more users can be entering invoices or payables while another user might be viewing financial reports. All data is stored and updated in one location on […]

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