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1. Compatibility With Apple’s New OS – Mojave

2. Finding files on computer using the Find Command in the program.

3. How can I get back into the shopping cart to access my download for my Payroll/MultiLedger update?

4. How to hide the Command Center in MultiLedger for Macintosh version 7.0.7 and higher or Payroll for Macintosh version 7.8.0 and higher so all you see is the menu bar when the program is open?

5. I just received a new computer. How do I move my CheckMark programs and information onto it?

6. I have paths being displayed under Open Recent Company that are no longer valid. Can I delete those out?

7. I need to update my CheckMark program. How do I do that?

8. I want to set a default file to open when I launch the program.

9. I’m trying to get into my program and get 10660 error message.

10. I get a -61 error when trying to get into my company files.

11. I updated to the latest version of Payroll and can’t post to MultiLedger 5.1.x any more. How can I get my payroll entries into MultiLedger without having to manually enter them?

12. I updated from Mac Payroll version 6.6.x or lower to the current version. How do I post my payroll to MultiLedger, all I get is errors?

13. When I look at my Trial Balance, it shows a line under the totals for “Prior Income” and appears to be out of balance.

14.After closing 2008 with MultiLedger 7.0 & higher, when I select the Income Statement, Prior Year Comparsion, I get a message that reads “Prior year not available for the selected date” , why can’t I get a comparison for 2008/2009?

15. After upgrading to the new version 7.0.x & higher, the year I had closed months ago with an earlier version was no longer closed when I opened the converted file. Is that correct?

16. Problem with Annual Recurring Entries

17. When I close my fiscal year in MultiLedger, all my transactions in the new year are zeroed out. How do I fix this?

18. Can MultiLedger files be shared on a Mac OSX computer (running OSX or OSX Server)?

19.The cutoff date in the Customer/Vendor Reports window has always defaulted to today’s date, now it is showing a different date and I have to change it every time I go into that window. Why did it change?

20. After importing transactions, they show up in the transaction journal as zero dollar amounts, even though I can see the amounts in the import preview window.

21. What does it mean when I see very old dates on my files?

22. The program acts like it’s printing, but nothing prints or comes up on the preview in OSX.

23.I’m trying to import a journal entry and get a message that it’s out of balance and won’t import.

24. I accidentally uncleared items that had been cleared on a previous bank reconciliation and now I’m out of balance.

25. When I go to the Format window, there are no fields showing.

26.I burned my files to a CD and when I try to open them I get a message that says the disk is locked.

27. File suffixes for current versions of MultiLedger and Payroll, file names, file extensions.

28.Get an unhandled exception error or computer ‘freezes up’ when trying to enter a transaction.

29.An invoice is not showing in Customer Payments, but hasn’t had a receipt applied to it.

30. I have Windows XP and can’t find where I set up my 7″ check size. (Also valid for Windows 2000)

31.I use 7″ checks and my program is printing the stub and the check then skipping over the stub (of the next check) and starting to print the stub information on the next check, how do I fix this?

32.Where are my files located on my computer?

33. Setting up and using Profit Center

34.Accessing MultiLedger in multi-user mode with Mac OSX

35.Paying for an Item Purchase or Payable with a Cr Card

36.Applescript and Importing into MultiLedger

37. After closing the year, the checks and deposits that had been entered in the new year are not showing in the Bank Reconciliation.

38.MultiLedger accounts receivable report out of balance

39.MultiLedger accounts payable report out of balance” I need to print my W-2’s?

40.-5000 error; File Access error message on Mac OS X

41.Get an unhandled exception error or computer ‘freezes up’ when trying to enter a transaction.

42.Error message- “Duplicate Document number found. Document not imported,” when posting Payroll to MultiLedger?

43.When entering a disbursement (check), it skips the Vendor field and won’t let me enter a vendor name.

44.Make opening your files easier by creating a Shortcut Or creating and working with Shortcuts on Windows.

45.Make it easy to open your files by creating an alias on Mac OS9.

46.Increasing Macintosh application memory size.

47.Closing the Year in MultiLedger 5.0, 5.1, or 6.0

48.Updating prior year and current year balances in MultiLedger 6.0.x and earlier to include adjustments/transactions made after the year has been closed..

49.Cents/amount being cut off on General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Transaction Journals, etc. windows

50.Cash balance in General Ledger doesn’t match cash balance in the Disbursements and Receipts Journals.

51.How to delete and reissue an employee check for a different amount than was originally posted to MultiLedger. Or correcting a payroll posting in MultiLedger?”?

52.Get error message that you have entered a date that is not valid when trying to enter a new transaction.

53.Job pop-up list doesn’t appear in transaction windows.

54.Don’t get message “Do you want to save this as a void document?” when voiding a check in disbursements.

55.Writing Refund Check to Customer MultiLedger version 6.0 and higher

56.Undoing an accidental Close Year in MultiLedger.

57. Files cannot be accessed with this version of the program

58.Error type 2 when trying to open files in OS X. Converting files to OS X

59. Paying off one cr card with another one

60.Reverting a Customized Format back to the original default settings

61.Renaming company files in MultiLedger or Payroll

62.Moving MultiLedger Mac 6.0.X or 7.X files to MultiLedger Windows 6.0.X or 7.X or Windows to Mac.

63.Printing 2nd stub on Laser Check

64.Posting Employer Checks to MultiLedger – Payroll Mac 6.2 thru 7.7 or Payroll Windows 3.6-7.7 to MultiLedger Mac 6.0 and higher

65.Posting Employee Checks to MultiLedger – Payroll Mac 6.2 and higher or Payroll Windows 3.6 and higher to MultiLedger Mac 6.0 and higher

66.Error message appears when viewing or printing budget report

67.Deleting Customer Terms

68.Bank Reconciliation Tips-What to look for

69.Error message- “Account not Found in Record “#’” when posting Payroll to MultiLedger?

70.Error message- “Account not Found in Record “#’” when posting Payroll to MultiLedger?

71.Recurring entries using the “Scheduled Recurring Entries”.

72. Recording customer check that was returned for insufficient funds.

73.Creating a Recurring transaction.

74.Balance Sheet and/or Trial Balance is out of balance

75.-39 error message (File incorrect size)

      -38 error message

76.Restoring/Opening a .zip file Backup-MultiLedger, Payroll, and Canadian Payroll for Macintosh and Windows.

77.Backing up Company Files-MultiLedger, Payroll (Zip File), and Canadian Payroll for Macintosh and Windows

78.A payable is not showing in Vendor Payments to be paid, and the transaction history detail for that vendor doesn’t show a disbursement written for it.


79.Closing an accounting year in MultiLedger version 7.0 and higher.

80. Finding Files on my computer or network.

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