Customer, Vendor and Item Reports

How to Create Accounts Receivable Reports

Working with AccountsReceivable Reports Select the customer or customers for the report. If necessary, scroll the list box to find the name of the customer you want. You can also use the Find command under the Edit menu to select a customer from a long list (for details, see “Using the Find Command with Reports.” […]

Customer Reports in CheckMark MultiLedger

Customer Reports Click Customer Reports in the Command Center. Types of Customer Reports MultiLedger has many different customer reports options. Each report is described in detail below. Accounts Receivable Reports Accounts Receivable Shows all outstanding invoices and finance charges as of the Cutoff Date entered. You can sort this report by due date, customer name, […]

How to Use Reports Window in CheckMark MultiLedger

Using the Report Window MultiLedger offers a variety of reporting options. Most reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or saved as a text file to be opened in another application (such as a word processor). You can also print several different reports with one command on the Print Multiple window. Individual reports are discussed […]

Item Setup Field Descriptions in MultiLedger

Item Setup Field Descriptions The following section describes the fields on Item Setup. Name Enter the item name up to 36 characters long, including spaces. Code You can use an optional code field to sort or classify items. For details, see “Codes for Customers, Vendors, and Items” Selling Price 1, Selling Price 2, Selling Price […]

Vendor Setup Field Descriptions in MultiLedger

Customer Setup Field Descriptions The following section describes the fields on Vendor Setup. Inactive Check this box to designate a vendor as inactive. Inactive vendors appear at the bottom of a vendor list with a tilde (˜) before their names. Marking a vendor as inactive is an alternative to deleting a vendor. You can still […]

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