Installation and Basic Use

How to Database Manager in CheckMark 1099 Software

Database Manager CheckMark 1099 stores company data in a database. When initially opening CheckMark 1099, a database named CheckMark_1099_ Database_[year] is created. If you complete 1099 forms for only one company, this is probably the only database you will need. However, if you process forms for more than one company, you will need to choose […]

How to Open CheckMark 1099 Software (For New User)

Opening CheckMark 1099: New User Open the CheckMark 1099 application. You can use either the shortcut or alias that was created or go to the CheckMark 1099 folder that was installed and dou-ble-click the CheckMark 1099 application file. The first time you open the program the welcome screen appears. This screen provides useful information regarding […]

How to Install CheckMark 1099 Software

Installing CheckMark 1099 on Macintosh Close all programs and disable any anti-virus software. **For CD Installation** Insert the CheckMark 1099 CD-ROM into your computer’s drive. When the CD icon appears on the Desktop, open by double-clicking it, then double-click the CheckMark 1099 installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation. **For Download Installation** Click on […]

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