Customer Transactions

How to Calculate Finance Charges in MultiLedger?

Calculating Finance Charges You can calculate finance charges on outstanding customer invoices by using Finance  Charges.  You should create a new finance charge each month for past due invoices. Note: You could print out an aged accounts receivable report (on Customer Reports) to help identify outstanding receivables past their due dates. Finance Charges Field Descriptions […]

How to Record Customer Credit Memos in MultiLedger?

Recording Customer Credit for Returned Inventory Click Customer Invoices in the Command Center. Enter the credit memo information. You could enter an invoice number, such as CM[date], to help identify the credit memo. Follow the guidelines in “Recording a Sale with Customer Invoices.”, except for the following fields: Item Select the returned item from the […]

How to Create Quotes in MultiLedger?

For quotes involving inventory, you should use Customer Invoices. For other quotes, you can use the Sales Journal. Saving an invoice as a Quote does not create an outstanding receivable and does not affect the general ledger until the quote is converted to an invoice. A quote can be modified, deleted, or converted to an […]

How to Use Customer Payments in MultiLedger?

The Customer Payments Window You can use Customer Payments for any of the following situations: You need to record a deposit consisting of payments for outstanding receivables, such as invoices or finance charges. A customer fails to pay an invoice or finance charge, and you want to record this as a bad debt or reverse […]

How to Use Receipts Journal in MultiLedger?

Receipts Journal You can use the Receipts Journal to record a deposit that is the result of income not associated with an accounts receivable transaction. You can also record miscellaneous deposits, such as bank interest or a refund that you’ve received. Please Note: that because you can’t associate a Receipts Journal deposit with a customer […]

How to Use Sales Journal in MultiLedger?

Sales Journal Use the Sales Journal when you want to create an invoice that records sales that do not involve inventory, such as service sales or consulting, and creates an outstanding receivable. If you need to record inventory sales, use Customer Invoices. Sales tax and shipping amounts are not automatically calculated in the Sales Journal, […]

How to Use Customer Invoices in MultiLedger?

Customer Invoices Use Customer Invoices when you want to create an invoice that records inventory sales, track sales commissions, enter tax rates, enter a shipping date, and so on. You can also record service sales (such as consulting) with Customer Invoices by setting up a service as a non- inventory Item (for details, see “Setting […]

How to Record Sales in MultiLedger?

Recording Sales MultiLedger offers great flexibility for recording sales. Depending on the type of sale you want to record, the three windows you can use are: Customer Invoices Sales Journal Receipts Journal These windows are discussed in the following table. If you want to…. Use this transaction window Record a sale of inventory items and […]

Customer Transaction Flowchart

The following flowchart is designed to give you a basic overview of customer-based transactions. The rest of this Article describes each option in detail. Related Articles How to Record Sales in MultiLedger How to Use Customer Invoices in MultiLedger How to Use Sales Journal in MultiLedger How to Use Receipts Journal in MultiLedger How to […]

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