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Balancing Your Checkbook in CheckMark MultiLedger

Balancing Your Checkbook Each month when you receive a bank statement you should reconcile or account for the difference between a cash account’s current balance (as shown in the general ledger) and the ending balance shown on the bank statement. This provides a way for you to ensure that your record of transactions matches what […]

How to Record, Modify & Delete General Ledger Transaction

Recording a General Journal Transaction Click General Journal in the Command Center. If necessary, enter or change the reference number and press TAB. The cursor moves to the Description field. Enter a description for the transaction. Continue filling in the rest of the fields with the appropriate information. For field explanations, see “General Journal Field […]

How to Use General Ledger in CheckMark MultiLedger?

Using the General Journal You can use the General Journal to record transactions, such as the following: Depreciation or amortization adjustments Bank charges or fees Interest earned General Journal Field Descriptions This section discusses the individual fields on the General Journal. Recurring If you have General Journal entries that occur on a regular basis, you […]

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