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How to Close Year in CheckMark MultiLedger

Closing the Year Before Closing the Year As a precaution, make two backups of your company files. Before closing the year, you should make two backup copies of your company data files to protect your data from being lost. Use the Backup Company command under the File menu. For details, read Backing Up and Restoring […]

How to Import Data into CheckMark MultiLedger

Importing into MultiLedger If you import an account, customer, vendor, or item with the exact same name as one that already exists in your company, the original data associated with that name will be replaced by the new information you are importing. If you attempt to import a transaction with the same document number as […]

How to Export to CheckMark Form 1099

Exporting to CheckMark Forms 1099 You can export Vendor or Customer information as a .txt file to import into the CheckMark Forms 1099 application. CheckMark Forms 1099 prints and eFiles 1099 copies for forms MISC, DIV, INT, S and R. For information regarding this program, contact CheckMark’s sales department at 970-225-0522 or visit www.checkmark.com Chose […]

How to Export from CheckMark MultiLedger

Exporting from MultiLedger Choose Export from the File menu. If necessary, make sure you have the month that contains the data you wish to export selected in the pull-down menu. Select the type of data that you want to export from the pull- down menu. After selecting the appropriate option from the pull-down menu, a […]

Importing & Exporting in CheckMark MultiLedger

Importing and Exporting Data MultiLedger’s ability to import and export data is one of its most powerful features and gives it a great deal of flexibility to work with other programs. You can send data back and forth between different MultiLedger companies or even to other programs. Some ideas for using these features include: Export […]

How to Use, Modify & Delete Adjust Inventory Window

Using the Adjust Inventory Window Click Adjust Inventory in the Command Center. Select an account for the adjustment. You can change the Adjust Acct by clicking the account number or name and selecting a new account from the pop-up list. If no account is shown, click to the right of the Adjust Acct label and […]

Adjust Inventory Window in CheckMark MultiLedger

Adjust Inventory Window Adjust Inventory provides a simple way to adjust the values in your inventory account to reflect current inventory values. You can use this window to: Adjust inventory levels after taking a physical inventory count to reflect what you actually have on hand. Remove an item from inventory that didn’t involve a sale, […]

Bank Reconciliation Problems

Bank Reconciliation Problems If you’ve finished marking transactions as cleared and =Difference is not zero, you should find the problem and correct it. The rest of this section will help you find the problem and suggest what you can do about it. A transaction was mistakenly marked as cleared To un-clear a transaction, click it […]

Bank Reconciliation Tips

Bank Reconciliation Tips If you’re having trouble reconciling your bank statement in MultiLedger, read the following tips. If you’re still having trouble, read the next section, “Bank Reconciliation Problems.” Compare the Cleared Withdrawals total to your bank statement. The amount in the Cleared Withdrawals field should match the bank statement’s total for withdrawals. (This may […]

How to Reconcile Your Bank Balances in CheckMark MultiLedger

Reconciling Your Bank Balances Use the following steps to reconcile your bank balances. Click Bank Reconciliation in the Command Center. If necessary, select the G/L Acct that corresponds to the bank statement. The default cash account is the one assigned on Interface Accounts. You can change accounts by clicking on the current cash account and […]

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