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How to Set Up Profit Centers in CheckMark MultiLedger?

Setting Up Profit Centers If your company has several departments or divisions, you might want to individually track their income and expenses —that’s where profit centers come in. Each portion of your company (whether it’s a department, store, or division) can be assigned a profit center name and account numbers. You can create income statements […]

How to Set Up, Modify & Delete Shipping Methods in CheckMark MultiLedger?

Setting Up Shipping Methods You can set up a list of common shipping methods that will appear as a pop-up list on Customer Invoices. Click Ship Via in the Command Center. Enter a name for the Ship Via method in the edit box, then click Save. The name of the method appears in the list […]

How to Set Up Budget Amounts in CheckMark MultiLedger?

Setting Up Budget Amounts You can set up and edit monthly budget amounts for income and expense accounts (account numbers 4000 and greater) for all open months. Note:  To see budget amounts in a report format, click Income Statement in the Command Center, click the Budget Report option or the Income vs Budget option, select […]

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