I get a -61 error when trying to get into my company files.

A -61 error is a write permissions error generated by your operating system. To correct this, check the permissions on the folder that contains your data set and also each file contained within the folder. Adjust as necessary to correct access to the data. Both Payroll and MultiLedger read all files within the data set […]

I updated to the latest version of Payroll and can’t post to MultiLedger 5.1.x any more. How can I get my payroll entries into MultiLedger without having to manually enter them?

With Payroll versions 7.7 and higher, you will need to create a text file in the CheckMark Format and then import the file into MultiLedger. See steps below: In Payroll after you’ve created your paychecks: 1.Select Employee Paychecks on the Command Center. 2. Click on the Format Radio Button in the center and select CheckMark […]

After closing 2008 with MultiLedger 7.0 & higher, when I select the Income Statement, Prior Year Comparsion, I get a message that reads “Prior year not available for the selected date” , why can’t I get a comparison for 2008/2009?

With MultiLedger version 7.0 & higher, once you close a year, you no longer have the ability to see that year on the comparison reports. You need to keep your prior year open in order to have the ability to get current year to prior year comparison reports. Version 7.0 & higher has doubled the […]

Problem with Annual Recurring Entries

If you have Annual Recurring Entries that aren’t used in the first 6 months of your new fiscal year, the entries won’t carry forward to be used. When the current fiscal year is closed and the system doesn’t see them in the 6 open months of the new fiscal year, they are treated as regular […]

The cutoff date in the Customer/Vendor Reports window has always defaulted to today’s date, now it is showing a different date and I have to change it every time I go into that window. Why did it change?

The cutoff date displayed in these windows is tied to the date on your computer system. Check the system date. For Windows: Click on Start, go to the Control Panel, then open the Date and Time screen. Fix the date here and then close. On Macintosh OSX: Open System Preferences, then Date & Time. Fix […]

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