Compatibility with Apple’s new OS – Mojave

All current versions for 2018 and 2019 of CheckMark Software are compatible with Apple’s new OS – Mojave (10.14). Apple has announced that they are delaying the requirement for developers to optimize their apps for 64-bit compatibility while they continue to transition their apps. You will continue to receive notifications from Apple anytime you install […]

Closing an accounting year in MultiLedger version 7.0 and higher.

MultiLedger version 7.0 and higher allows for 30 months to be open at one time. When you try and save a transaction in the 31st month in version 7.1, you will be prompted that the date lies outside of the open period or is in a locked month. In version 7.0.x, you will be prompted […]

Finding files on computer using the Find Command in the program.

In MultiLedger version 7.0 & higher, there is a Find Company utility located in the File menu. This utility will search your hard drive and any network drives (on a PC, the drives need to be mapped network drives) and then displays the location of the files in the results window. You can open any […]

I need to update my CheckMark program. How do I do that?

There are two forms of updating your CheckMark application, purchasing an update to a new version or downloading and running a patch to “update” the current version of the program. To install a patch, you must have the current version of the program loaded in order to see the changes, if you don’t, you will […]

I want to set a default file to open when I launch the program.

CheckMark programs have a preference to Open Last Company on Launch. Once selected, the program will always open the last set of files that were open when you last Quit/Exited the program. To set this option, launch your CheckMark program and using the File/Open Company; Open Recent Company or Find Company option, open the desired […]

I’m trying to get into my program and get 10660 error message.

The error code 10660 is defined as, No application found. To correct: Verify that the application exists on your hard drive. If the application is installed on the server, remove from the server and use your CD to install locally and apply any patches as necessary. If the application is not on the server and […]

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