Compatibility with Apple’s new OS – Mojave

All current versions for 2018 and 2019 of CheckMark Software are compatible with Apple’s new OS – Mojave (10.14). Apple has announced that they are delaying the requirement for developers to optimize their apps for 64-bit compatibility while they continue to transition their apps. You will continue to receive notifications from Apple anytime you install […]

Troubleshooting issues with the EFW2

Troubleshooting EFW2 Errors State Account Number: In State Tax Values make sure you have entered your state account number. Some states call this number their withholding number. Verify with your states EFW2 specifications to see what number your state would like to show here. An error normally means you have the wrong number Delivery Address […]

Trying to email directly from CheckMark and its not working

Macintosh: The email function from both the Payroll and the MultiLedger (version 7.1 and higher) does require OSX and the Apple Mail program. The Mail program must be set as the default email program on your computer. To set this: 1) Launch the Mail program 2)Select Preference from the Mail menu 3)Select Mail as Default […]

How to setup the Health Insurance for the Shareholder(s)/Officer(s)?

Set this up at Year End: 1)Setup an additional income, make it Omit from Net & Exempt from Social Security, Medicare, FUTA & SUTA – you need to check with your locality if you have local taxes to see if they want it showing as taxable wages or not. Also check with your state – […]

Does the written amount not show when you print your check?

Chances are the reason this is happening is because what you are printing isn’t a check but a direct deposit. If you created a direct deposit it will not print the written amount. The easiest way to check is to go to “Modify Paycheck”. Select a check you are having problems with and on the […]

Why Switch to a Database?

What the CheckMark database format can do for you: We know that you’ve been wondering why the switch to this new database format. We know it’s been different and some have found it a challenge to get it switched over and updated properly. Getting the files converted is the hardest step and after that, you […]

Getting to Payroll 2012: A Step-by-Step Guide

General Information: After completing the steps outlined in this guide, you will have two different versions of CheckMark Payroll installed: CheckMark Payroll 2011 version CheckMark Payroll 2012 version 8.2.13 CheckMark Payroll 2011 version is intended to be used for: Processing 2011 payroll. Printing/Creating 2011 Forms and Reports: W2, W3, EFW2, EFW3, 940, 940 […]

To access Prior Year Payroll Files after Converting to 8.2.x

When you install the new Payroll program, it does not overwrite or delete your old version of Payroll. The reason for this is so you can still access your prior years information with the old version. This is necessary because once you’ve converted your current year payroll files to the new 8.2.x version, you can […]

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