Processing Your Payroll

How to Print Paychecks in CheckMark Payroll

Printing the Payroll Checks After you’ve created the paychecks, you can print them with the Print Paychecks window. Printing paychecks is an optional step because it’s not necessary for posting check information to the employee’s earnings records. Paychecks can be printed or reprinted. Reprinting a paycheck doesn’t affect employee records. In the list, checks that […]

How to Review/Create Paychecks in CheckMark Payroll

After you’ve calculated the pay for the pay period on the Calculate Pay window, use the Review/Create Paychecks window to check saved calculations for your employees and create paychecks. Once paychecks are created, CheckMark Payroll updates employee records with the new paycheck information. Reviewing  Payroll Calculations Click Payroll in the Command Center, then select Review/Create […]

How to Calculate Employee Pay in CheckMark Payroll

This article shows you how to calculate employee pay in CheckMark Payroll for employee paychecks and special checks, such as bonuses and after-the-fact paychecks. CheckMark Payroll program can calculate the pay for one employee at a time or all employees for any combination of pay frequencies at one time. After you’ve entered employee hours with […]

How to Enter Employee Hours in CheckMark Payroll

This Article shows you how to enter employee hours in CheckMark Payroll Software to use for such hour categories as regular, overtime, sick, and vacation. You can also import hours from third party program using a tab- delimited text file. Note: If you open this window and do not see your employee list or header […]

How to Distribute Hours in CheckMark Payroll

To distribute hours in CheckMark Payroll by department or MultiLedger Job, use the Distribute Hours window on the Command  Center. Payroll hours distributed on the Distribute Hours window cannot be edited on the Calculate Pay window. If you need to edit an employee’s hours, you will need to return to the Distribute Hours window. Distribute […]

How to Process Payroll in CheckMark Payroll

Now that you have everything set up, here’s how to process payroll in CheckMark Payroll Software in just 8 steps! Almost all the windows under Payroll on the Command Center are optional with the exception of Calculate Pay. You are able to calculate and create a paycheck all within the Calculate Pay window. CheckMark Payroll […]

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