How to Format Checks, W-2s & W-3s in CheckMark Payroll

Formatting Checks, W-2s, and W-3s Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to format checks, W-2s, and W-3s in CheckMark Payroll to ensure accurate and efficient payroll processing. You can reposition items that print on checks, or pre-printed W-2s, and W-3s to align printing for your particular printer or form. Click the Edit (Win) or […]

How to Report Third-Party Sick Pay on W-2 and W-3 Statements in CheckMark Payroll

Reporting Third-Party  Sick Pay on W-2 and W-3 Statements Select Additional Income on the Command Center window. Select New. Enter a description of the income such as “Sick Pay”. You are limited to 12 characters. Set the Calculation Method as Variable. Close Additional Income window. Select Employees on the Command Center window. Select an employee […]

How to Print W-2s & W-3s on Pre-Printed Forms in CheckMark Payroll

You can easily print your W-2s and W-3s on pre-printed forms using CheckMark Payroll. Important: Print a Sample W-2 and W-3 Before you print the W-3 and W-2s for all of your employees, you should print a sample W-2 and a sample W-3 on blank paper to make sure that the alignment is correct, and […]

How to Print the W-3 Form in CheckMark Payroll

Print the W-3 Form in CheckMark Payroll Make sure your printer’s paper tray is loaded with plain paper*. Select the W3 on plain paper radio button. Click the EFW2/W3 Setup button. Enter your company’s contact, phone, fax, and email information in the fields. Click OK. Click Print. Note: Plain Paper: Use to print the W-2 Federal […]

How to Print W-2s & W-3s on Perforated Blank Sheets in CheckMark Payroll

Printing on Blank, Perforated W-2s and W-3s Note: A laser or high quality printer is needed to print W-2s and W-3s on blank paper. Click W-2 & W-3 Statements in the Command Select the employees from the list. You can select a consecutive or non-consecutive set of employees in the list. For a non-consecutive series […]

How to Create W-2 & W-3 Reports in CheckMark Payroll

Quickly and accurately generate your year-end tax documents like W-2 and W-3 reports in CheckMark Payroll. Stay compliant and accurately report employee wages and taxes. W-2 & W-3 Statements Types of W-2/W-3 Reports W-2 on Blank Paper Select from this drop-down list, according to the following guidelines: 4-up Employee All Copies – This is for […]

How to Create Employer Payments Reports in CheckMark Payroll

Quickly and easily track and manage your company’s payroll payments and expenses by generating employer payments reports in CheckMark Payroll, a comprehensive payroll solution for small businesses. Types Employer  Payments Reports Check Register: The Check Register report shows check data for the selected month, including check number, check date, payee, payment description, and the check […]

How to Create Income & Deductions Reports in CheckMark Payroll

Generate income and deductions reports in CheckMark Payroll for a complete overview of your employees’ pay and deductions. Track and manage employee payments and deductions, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll management. Types of Income and Deduction Reports Deduction Detail: The Deduction Detail reports shows the deduction name, employee SSN, employee name, employee deduction amount and […]

How to Create Local Taxes Reports in CheckMark Payroll

Creating Local Taxes Reports Generate detailed local taxes reports in CheckMark Payroll to easily track and manage your local tax obligations. This report shows the employee social security number, employee name, wages exempt from local taxes, total wages, wages subject to local tax and amount of the local tax withheld. There are totals by local […]

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