Financial and Other Reports

How to Create Job Reports

Job Reports Job summary report shows actual and estimated job income and expense, estimated cost, the difference between these values, and the net income. There is also a Job Detail report that provides more detail. Click Job Reports in the Command Center. Job Summary This report shows the following information for each selected job: Job […]

How to Create Salesperson Reports

Salesperson Report MultiLedger provides a Sales person report that shows commissionable sales, gross margin, and commission calculations for any salesperson you’ve set up. Sales associated with a salesperson are recorded on the Customer Invoices window. Click Salesperson Report in the Command Center. The Salesperson report can include all or a selected group of salespeople. The Salesperson report includes […]

How to Create Sales Tax Reports

Sales Tax Report MultiLedger provides a detailed sales tax report that can help in completing sales tax forms for various state and local agencies. Sales tax amounts are recorded on the Customer Invoices window. Click Sales Tax Report in the Command Center. The Sales Tax report can include all or a selected group of sales […]

How to Create Financial Snapshot Reports

Financial Snapshot Report A Financial Snapshot report shows a summary of your business’ current cash, receivables, payables, inventory and several financial ratios as of the date of the last entry. Click Financial Snapshot in the Command Center. Click View, Print, or Text File. Financial Snapshot—report example: Related Articles How to Create Chart of Accounts Report […]

How to Create Cash Flow Reports

Cash Flow Reports A Statement of Cash Flows shows the incoming and outgoing cash over the selected period. This is shown by starting with the net income (or loss) at the beginning of the period from the Income Statement, then showing each asset, liability, and equity account whose value has changed during the selected period. […]

How to Create Income Statement Report

Income Statement Reports An Income Statement shows whether or not your company has earned a  profit.  In addition to dollar values, the income statement report shows income and expense as a percent of total sales. If you are using profit centers, you can create individual income statements for each profit center as well as a consolidated income statement for your company. […]

How to Create Balance Sheet Report

Balance Sheet Reports A Balance Sheet shows your company’s assets, liabilities, and equity as of a specific month-end date. Click Balance Sheet in the Command Center. MultiLedger provides the following types of balance sheet reports: Types of Balance Sheet Reports Selected Date A standard Balance Sheet report for the selected month. Prior Month Comparison Compares […]

How to Create General Ledger Report

General Ledger Reports A General Ledger report shows the General Ledger accounts with their detailed activity for selected months. You can also create year-to-date reports. If you only want ending balances and not the daily details, create a trial balance report (see “Trial Balance Reports” earlier in this Article). Click General Ledger in the Command […]

How to Create Transaction Journals Reports

Transaction Journals Reports You can view, print or create a text file of any journal from any of the open months. You can also export any journal from any of the open months using the Export command under the File Menu. Click Transaction Journals in the Command Center. Sorting Transaction Journal Reports You can sort […]

How to Create Trial Balance Report

Trial Balance Report A trial balance report shows ledger accounts, their beginning balances (optional), their monthly activity and their year-to-date balances, and whether or not your debits equal your credits. Debits should equal credits for your books to balance. You can use a trial balance report to quickly look at your account balances for a […]

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