1. How to Set Up Hour Categories in CheckMark Payroll

2. I am getting an error “Unable to initialize the Company Database. Unable to update database. SQLITE_ERROR[1]: duplicate column name: allowances1” when I ran the 18.0.4 patch.

3. Troubleshooting issues with the EFW2

4. Trying to email directly from CheckMark and its not working

5. How to setup the Health Insurance for the Shareholder(s)/Officer(s)?

6. Does the written amount not show when you print your check?

7. Why Switch to a Database?

8. Getting to Payroll 2012: A Step-by-Step Guide

9. To access Prior Year Payroll Files after Converting to 8.2.x

10. Running OS 10.6.8 or 10.7.x (Lion) – Getting error “Unable to Open the database”, “Unable to create the application database” or “Unable to initialize the application database”:

11. CheckMark Payroll 2011/2012 Privileges and Permissions Issues

12. If you are having problems importing payroll into DBA, you may need to reset the “Payroll Link Setup”.

13. How do I comply with the Reporting of Employer Sponsored Health Care on my W2s?

14. I would like more information on managing the Databases for Payroll 8.2.

15. Additional Conversion Instructions for converting to Payroll 8

16. I wasn’t paying the correct Social Security percentage for my employees for 2011 and now I have to correct my 941 for 1st and 2nd quarter!

17. I didn’t have the new Federal Tables & new Social Security % for employees loaded before I did my first payroll(s) of 2011. How can I correct the overwithheld SS? And do I need to adjust the Federal?

18. How to get L & I to report correctly on the W2?

19. After updating to Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) my 941 is gibberish and/or coming up in AppleScript Editor?

20. NY MMREF Tips

21. What can cause an amount to appear on the “Adjustment for Fractions” line?

22. Maryland RV record

23. Idaho RV record

24. I updated my payroll from a version of Payroll before 7.9.4 and now my employee’s federal withholding is way too little. I don’t believe that the federal tax tables are correct.

25. The Federal 941 would not open. I kept getting a message that the file was not found. I still cannot open any federal tax forms.

26. I have to submit 941 or 943 or 944 deposits. There is no Employer Payee category for these taxes. How do I do this?

27. My 941 is coming up with a page of text that doesn’t make any sense. Or, I get an error message saying that there is no application found.

28. There is a change in the W-2/W-3 format, but it is not being reflected when I print out W-2’s/W-3 on pre-printed forms.

29. I am trying to install my payroll update and keep getting the message “payroll may be running or marked read only.” What do I do next?

30. I updated to the latest version of Payroll and trying to print my federal tax reports (Form 941 and Form 940) and keep getting a error message. This has never happened before. What do I do?

31. How can I get back into the shopping cart to access my download for my Payroll/MultiLedger update?

32. Can I use Entourage on my Macintosh as my default email program for emailing of paycheck stubs to my employees?

33. Printing W-2/W-3 forms on pre-printed forms

34. How to hide the Command Center in MultiLedger for Macintosh version 7.0.7 and higher or Payroll for Macintosh version 7.8.0 and higher so all you see is the menu bar when the program is open?

35. The word “Void” is printing at the top of my W-2’s. Is this alright?

36. I need to report HSA contributions on employee W-2’s. These were employer contributions that need to show in box 12 with Code W. I  can’t seem to figure out how to get this to print on the W-2.

37. I used to be able to close the Command Center on Mac Payroll, I prefer to use the drop down menu. Since updating to the latest version, I haven’t been able to do this, I can only minimize it and it will keep popping up and I have to re-minimize it. Is there a way to close the Command Center?

38. I was printing my W-2’s and noticed that in Box 12 we use option D for 401k contributions. The W-2 has boxes 12a-12d on it and it is printing in box 12a. Does this matter?

39. I am getting a message that says “Form is for a different payroll year and might be unacceptable.” I need to print my W-2’s?

40. The MICR encoding in Payroll has stopped working, or I can’t get the MICR to print on my blank checks.

41. I’ve been running on a Mac for quite a while, but need to change everything over to a PC. How can I do that?

42. Loading Tax Tables in Payroll for Windows or Macintosh version 7.7 and higher.

43. I just received a new computer. How do I move my CheckMark programs and information onto it?

44. I have paths being displayed under Open Recent Company that are no longer valid. Can I delete those out?

45. I have a lot of extra data sets that I need to delete. How do I get this done?

46. I need to update my CheckMark program. How do I do that?

47. I have an overpayment from a previous quarter that the IRS says they will apply to the current/next quarter. How do I record this in CheckMark Payroll so that the Form 941 will print correctly?

48. The payroll program “crashes” whenever I try to view a check/Form 941/W-2/W-3/Form 940 report.

49. I can’t seem to restore a backup saved to a CD drive.

50. The company name used to print at the top of my reports, but now it is doesn’t.

51. I ran my quarterly reports and everything looks correct, but the Form 940 says its “Form 940 for 2008…”?

52. When I go to do payroll, the buttons are all greyed out and I can’t do anything. How do I get into payroll?

53. I did payroll and just noticed that the check date is not correct. I don’t see where I can modify the check date. How do I change this?

54. Can hours be imported into Payroll from a time clock?

55. I want to set a default file to open when I launch the program.

56. I want to change the format on the paycheck stub but I can’t seem to see how to do this.

57. I want to pay an employee more than one pay rate per pay period, how can I do this?

58. New Year command under the File menu.

59. How do I get monthly/quarterly/annual reports in CheckMark Payroll for reports like check register, posting summary and earnings register?

60. Close Year is no longer under my File menu. Where did it go?

61. CA pay stub information must contain only the employees last 4 digits of their SSN or an employee ID# effective January 1, 2008. Does CheckMark Payroll accommodate this?

62. I’m trying to get into my program and get 10660 error message.

63. I get a -61 error when trying to get into my company files.

64. I have been notified by the Texas Workforce Commission that I have to file my SUTA report electronically. How do I do that? I don’t see any formats that they mentioned in the payroll progr

65. I need to get department hours by employee with hours breakdown. How can I get that report?

66. I updated to the latest version of Payroll and can’t post to MultiLedger 5.1.x any more. How can I get my payroll entries into MultiLedger without having to manually enter them?

67. I updated to the current version of Payroll and now I can’t get the password to work.

68. I updated from Mac Payroll version 6.6.x or lower to the current version. How do I post my payroll to MultiLedger, all I get is errors?

69. I updated to the current version of Payroll and now I can’t see the whole window in certain places such as Addition Income, Deductions, etc.

70. I updated from an older version of payroll and now I don’t see how I post to Cash Ledger. How can I get my payroll entries into Cash Ledger without having to manually enter them?

71. I have checks that have the employee’s name and address fields separate. In the old version of Payroll, there was an option to “Suppress the employee’s address” because the format wouldn’t work with my checks. That option is gone, what do I do?

72. Getting the following error message when converting to current version of Payroll: “This Company’s files cannot be opened with this version of payroll” “Invalid File Extension”

73. Tips on printing the Form 940 from CheckMark Payroll

74. I need to print 1099’s, where do I go to do that?

75. The month list showing in reports ends with 9/30/08. Before I converted, I saw months through 3/31/09. What happened?

76. I get a message “data file already in use – cannot access” no one else is in the Payroll files. I’ve tried restarting the computer and I still get the message. How do I fix this?

77. I am getting this error messge: “Pay.exe unable to locate component . Application has failed to start beccause xrxsnmp.dll was not found.”

78. MICR encoding for my Payroll program is printing capitol letters and regular numbers? How can I get this fixed?

79. I want to implement Direct Deposit and my bank is asking for an ACH file. Will CheckMark Payroll create this?

80. Finding Files on my computer or network.

81. I need to print a Schedule B with my Form 941 and I can’t get it to print. How do I get a Schedule B?

82. The number of employees for the pay period including the 12th of March, June, September and December is not printing correctly on line 1 of my 941.

83. When a new employee is set up they already have hours/wages associated with them and no checks have been created and no Templates have been set up.

84. How do I “Gross-up” a check so the net is $100 after withholding taxes?

85. MICR encoding for my Payroll program is not printing on the paychecks or the checks that I print to pay my employer liabilities.

86. If you get the message “If category in use, changing the tax settings may result in invalid tax reports, Proceed with save?” when changing a tax setting on an Additional Income or Other Deduction.

87. Earnings Register Report by Department, what is that?

88. I’m getting a “Disk Full…” message when trying to create paychecks and I know I have plenty of space available.

89. Where to find state unemployment insurance (SUTA or SUI) information?

90. What is ‘WFID’ in the EFW2/W3 setup screen?

91. What does it mean when I see very old dates on my files?

92. Getting an ‘Invalid Property’ error message when trying to create file for Tenant Pro.

93. There is an ‘X’ printing on my W-3 in box 15, what does that mean?

94. Where to find state tax regulations and other useful information for your state?

95. Where to find federal tax regulations and other useful tax information?

96. I need to do a deduction based on ‘disposable’ earnings, what is that? How do I set that up?

97. California has a new DE-9 & new DE-9c form, how do I print or file electronically?

98. The program acts like it’s printing, but nothing prints or comes up on the preview in OSX.

99. I have an employee that has worked in one state most of the year, but is moving to another state for the remainder of the year, how do I handle the State taxes?

100. When I try to import my payroll into Quickbooks, I get an error message that there’s a duplicate account.

101. When I go to the Format window, there are no fields showing.

102. I burned my files to a CD and when I try to open them I get a message that says the disk is locked.

103. File suffixes for current versions of MultiLedger and Payroll, file names, file extensions.

104. I installed the latest update and now I am getting error messages about missing urlmon.dll and/or ole32.dll files?

105. I have Windows XP and can’t find where I set up my 7″ check size. (Also valid for Windows 2000)

106. I don’t want my employees SSN to print on the check stub, how do I get it off?

107. I don’t use accrued hours and I don’t want it to print on the check stubs, how do I change this?

108. I use 7″ checks and my program is printing the stub and the check then skipping over the stub (of the next check) and starting to print the stub information on the next check, how do I fix this?

109. All or some of my employees are not on my SUTA report or they have an asterisk (*) by their name, what happened?

110. I want to combine several liabilities onto one check for payment, how do I do that?

111. How to reimburse a deduction made in error?

112. Where are my files located on my computer?

113. What is EFW2 (formerly MMREF)?

114. Changing/Adding State Unemployment % or State ID

115. What to do if you’ve changed an income’s or deduction’s tax status mid-year?

116. Implications of changing the tax setup for an income or deduction mid-year.

117. Using Web Direct Deposit with CheckMark Payroll

118. Creating a bonus check in CheckMark Payroll

119. Changing the Louisiana Tax Credit amount effective January 1, 2003. Or My Louisiana taxes are not calculating correctly in Payroll?

120. -5000 error; File Access error message on Mac OS X

121. Can’t backup payroll files on Windows. The program “acts” like it is backing up but I never get the Backup Complete message, or when I do get a zipped backup the size is unusually large?

122. Error message- “Duplicate Document number found. Document not imported,” when posting Payroll to MultiLedger?

123. Deduction no longer is taken out of check, but limit is not reached yet.

124. Make opening your files easier by creating a Shortcut Or creating and working with Shortcuts on Windows.

125. Make it easy to open your files by creating an alias on Mac OS9.

126. Increasing Macintosh application memory size.

127. Closing the year in CheckMark Payroll (versions 7.7.4a and lower) and Canadian Payroll. For CheckMark Payroll versions 7.7.5 and higher, see New Year command instructions.

128. Recording an Employee Advance in CheckMark Payroll

129. How to delete and reissue an employee check for a different amount than was originally posted to MultiLedger. Or correcting a payroll posting in MultiLedger?

130. Federal or State payroll tax is calculating incorrectly. Or, tax is calculating the same amount as previous year?

131. Cannot enter checks for the new year.

132. Files cannot be accessed with this version of the program

133. Error type 2 when trying to open files in OS X. Converting files to OS X

134. Reverting a Customized Format back to the original default settings

135. Renaming company files in MultiLedger or Payroll

136. Printing 2nd stub on Laser Check

137. Posting Payroll to QuickBooks

138. Posting Employer Checks to MultiLedger – Payroll Mac 6.2 thru 7.7 or Payroll Windows 3.6-7.7 to MultiLedger Mac 6.0 and higher

139. Posting Employee Checks to MultiLedger – Payroll Mac 6.2 and higher or Payroll Windows 3.6 and higher to MultiLedger Mac 6.0 and higher

140. Error message- “Account not Found in Record “#’” when posting Payroll to MultiLedger?

141. Making the Employer Match a percentage of employee’s contribution instead of a percentage of employee’s total wages

142. -39 error message (File incorrect size)

143. -38 error message

144. Year-to-date balances in Earnings Register don’t match the check totals for the year.

145. Restoring/Opening a .zip file Backup-MultiLedger, Payroll, and Canadian Payroll for Macintosh and Windows.

146. Check date missing from the date list in reports but checks are reflected in Earnings Register YTD totals.

147. Backing up Company Files-MultiLedger, Payroll (Zip File), and Canadian Payroll for Macintosh and Windows

148. Posting from Payroll to MultiLedger is not working since I updated to Mac Mojave (10.14)


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